XX International Chess

Open Figueres "Miquel Mas"

- From August 13 to 20, 2019-

Tournament valid for the XVI Catalan Open International Circuit


REGULATIONS corresponding to groups A and B (children's group, at the end)

1-. Game venue: Convent dels Caputxins, c / Rec Arnau, 8.

The Hall and the rest of the facilities enjoy adequate access for people with functional diversity, in accordance with the provisions of the Catalan Circuit of Chess and the Laws and Regulations of the Generalitat de Catalunya. The analysis room is located in an adjoining room separated from the Game Room. Local with Air Conditioning, parking nearby and 5 min. on foot from the center of Figueres.

2-. Days of play and hours: From the 13th to the 20th of August, being the beginning of the games at 4:30 p.m. every day, except for the 15th of August, which will be played in a double round, departing in the morning at 10:00 a.m. and departing in the afternoon at 4:30 p.m.; and on August 20th, where the start of the game will be at 9:30 a.m. in the morning.

IMPORTANT: See article no. 14 of this regulation.

3-. Game system: Swiss system at 9 rounds.

The pairings will be done with the "Swiss Manager" computer program or similar, approved by Fide, and claims will not be allowed except in case of human error in its use. Players who do not appear in a round, without just cause, will be eliminated from the tournament. These will lose all the rights in the tournament, including prize and the right to recover the inscription.

The game will be lost for players who appear at the board with more than 30 minutes delay.

4-. Game Rhythm: 90 minutes for the whole game with an increase of 30 seconds per move.

5-. ELO and Titles:

Group A: Valid for ELO FIDE, FEDA and FCE, and to obtaining norms of Catalan Master, International Master and Grand Master. Players of 1649 Fide or less who want to play group A, lose their right to tournament section prizes. The tournament is available to all players with the current Fide license.

Group B: Valid for ELO FIDE, FEDA and FCE. Open to all players with a valid Fide license and a maximum Elo Fide of 1649.

6-. Registration fees: All registrations must be paid before August 12, 2019, through the current account IBAN: ES12 2100 8143 7622 0005 4566; BIC code (Swift): CAIXESBBXXX, as a prerequisite to be able to participate in the competition.

In order to avoid unpaired players in the first round players who have not paid the registration fees will not be allowed to play the 1st round. At 16h on August 13, 2019, the official list of tournament participants will be closed definitively in the same game room by the tournament's main referee.


General: € 40.

+65 and Sub-16: € 35.


General: € 35.

+65 and Sub-16: € 30.

(The players who, for the purposes of this tournament, are +65 years old are the players who born in 1954 or earlier. Sub-16s are the players who born in 2003 or later).

Players with functional diversity accredited by FCDE will pay 5 euros less than previous prices. It is exempt from paying registration, exclusively, to the players invited by the organization.

7-. Registrations and information: Until August 12, 2019 at 3 pm.

Telephones: 699848479 (Jordi)


8-. Prizes: In case of tie points the prizes between the tie will not be distributed (to see article 10 of tie brake systems).

the presence of the award-winning players in the closing ceremony to proceed to their delivery will be mandatory and inexcusable, saving a greater force certified for medical or analogous reasons. Otherwise, the prize will not be delivered and the player will lose any right to claim it.

Likewise, to receive the prize in the closing ceremony must be delivered a copy of the DNI, NIE, passport or similar. Minors may not receive cash prizes, which will be delivered to their legal representative prior to the exhibition and a copy of their identity document.

All the winners expressly authorize the organizing club to scan their identity document as a prerequisite and necessary to be able to deliver the corresponding prize. The prizes are not cumulative.

International Open Awards "Miquel Mas"


1st placed 600 euros and trophy.

2nd 350 euros and trophy.

3rd 250 euros and trophy.

4th 200 euros

5th and 150 Euros

6th and 125 euros

7th 110 euros

8th and 100 euros

9th and 90 euros

10th and 85 euros

SECTION A (Elo Fide from 2250 to 2400)

1st ranked 75 euros + trophy

2on 50 euros + trophy

SECTION B (Elo Fide from 2100 to 2249)

1st ranked 75 euros + trophy

2on 50 euros + trophy

SECTION C (Elo Fide from 1950 to 2099)

1st ranked 75 euros + trophy

2on 50 euros + trophy

SECTION D (Elo Fide from 1800 to 1949)

1st ranked 75 euros + trophy

2on 50 euros + trophy

SECTION E (Elo Fide from 1650 to 1799)

1st ranked 75 euros + trophy

2on 50 euros + trophy

Best player Club Chess Figueres: 80 euros and trophy (excluding GM and MI)

Best player + 65 trophy and best Sub-16: Trophy.

GROUP B (For players with Elo Fide until 1649)

1st ranked 150 euros and trophy.

2on 100 euros and trophy.

3rd 80 euros and trophy.

4th 60 euros.

5th 40 euros.

Best player Club Chess Figueres: 40 euros + trophy.

Best player from Girona (card for Girona club): 40 euros + trophy.

Best player + 65, sub16, sub 14, sub 12: Trophy

For the classification by sections, in case you do not have Elo Fide, which will be the preferred one in all the classification orders, the Catalan Elo will be used, or if you do not have it, Elo Feda. If you do not have any of these three Elo, you will not compete in sections, but for the general.

The corresponding tax withholding will be applied in accordance with current legislation in all the prizes, WITHOUT EXCEPTION.

 9-. Closing Ceremony and prizes: At 3:00 p.m. on August 20 (or at the end of the last match).

10-. Tie systems:

1. Fix: Private result

The second, third and fourth systems will draw the order of application at the end of the last round:

2. Recursive performance

3. Performance

4. Half of the opponent's score (minus the worst two)

11-. Direction, Arbitration and Competition Committee.

Director: Carles Falgueras Martí. Main referee: Eduardo López Rodríguez (International FIDE Referee). The principal referee may cease, elect or replace their adjunct arbitrators for the formation of the arbitration team, including during the celebration of the certificate. Any arbitration decision may be appealed to the competition committee, which will be formed, by the tournament director - without the right to vote - the main referee and 4 players democratically chosen in the first round by the players of the tournament. Its decision will be unappealable, without prejudice to the federal or ordinary resources that fit other competent bodies.

12-. Tournament participants authorize the publication of their personal data in the different media that the organization considers appropriate for the necessary diffusion of the event (list of results, classifications, participants, games, etc.).

The Figueres Chess Club intends to capture images of the tournaments and their participants for their dissemination in the reports, the website, magazines, corporate advertising and other media. Given the informative character and the cultural interest of the all participating person, including minors, in the well understood way that their parents have accepted this regulation, expressly authorize the club to use in their meanings their images derived from Certainly and in accordance with the provisions of article 3.1 of the Organic Law 1/1982, of May 5, and 162.1 of the Civil Code.

13-. For any discrepancy or circumstance not foreseen in this regulation will be of supplementary application the general norm of the FIDE and, subsidiarily, of the FCE.

14-. IMPORTANT: Foreign and European players that do not have Spanish nationality that are registered in the provisional list of players will have to confirm their participation by presence in the game room between 3:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. on the 13th, August 2019. Otherwise, they will be eliminated from the initial list of participants and will not be matched in the first round, without the right to recover the registration fee paid in the event that this incompleteness ends up supposing the elimination of the tournament. The definitive closing of the inscriptions at 4 pm.

15-. The Tournament Director and the Main Referee shall have the power to expel a player of the competition for any reason of GREU consideration. Among others, GREU will be considered not attending to the arbitrator's requests to verify that the rules are not infringing upon suspicious action during the game. This decision, which can´t be appealed, will imply the immediate loss of the game of the player, if this is at stake; the loss of the possibility of continuing to be matched in the tournament, and the loss of the economic prize to which could opt for the results obtained so far as well as the price of the inscription.

Participation in the tournament implies the full acceptance of this regulation.

16-. Parallel activities:

- August 14th, at 22 p.m., Blitz Chess Campionship, fischer random system! Free for tournament players.

- August 16th , at night, a traditional football match between players and organization.

- August 18th , at 9:30 a.m., Territorial Chess Championship Active (10 '+3 ").


1-. Regulations on mobile phones

During the game it is strictly forbidden for a player to carry a mobile phone or another type of electronic communication device on the playground, and therefore it is prohibited to use it both inside and outside the playroom.

If you have a device of this type in the room, it will be completely shut off and stored in a bag or similar. If by any circumstance it was essential, because of force majeure, having to use it or take it on, you must request permission from the referee of the tournament and previously inform about this circumstance.

If in any case, it sounds like the mobile phone of a player or uses it, this one, inexcusably and by arbitration decision, will lose the game in accordance with article 12.2 b) of the Law of the Chess.

2-. Complaints and access sheets for people with functional diversity.

Players, players and the organization will have models of claim forms approved by the FCDE. Likewise, the playground is adapted for the access of people with functional diversity in accordance with the regulations in force in the matter of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

3-. The possession or use of electronic mechanisms during games, inside and outside the game room.

Players are subject to the following rules of conduct and, in case of non-compliance, the penalties of serious conduct will be carried out in accordance with article 15 of these regulations:

1-. They will refrain from using any electronic device or of any nature, during the game, inside and outside the game room in order to prevent them from receiving information from outside.

2-. The requirements of any member of the arbitration team, with respect to any reproduction, hearing, mechanical or electronic device during the celebration of the games will be submitted.

3-. Likewise, and when there is a well-founded indication of having obtained external assistance during the game, the principal referee may require the person to show whether or not he is receiving outside help by any means. For this purpose, the person may be required to show their personal effects, or other objects that could be suspected. The referee or a person authorized by him may inspect the player. Necessarily it must be of the same sex as this one.

4-. If due to any requirement, it has been observed that external aid has been received, this behavior will entail the sanction expressed in the mentioned article 15. Likewise, the refusal to comply with any arbitration requirement will lead to the same sanction.

VIII Sub-12 Children's Tournament

1. International Children's Group from August 17 to 20, 2019. Double round in the afternoon after 4:30 p.m. - At the end of round 1, round 2 of the day will begin. On day 20 the 7th round will be played at 9:30 a.m. and 8th round at 11:30 a.m. Next, there will be a joint awards ceremony with the International Chess Open Figueres "Miquel Mas".

2. Swiss system in 8 rounds. Game Rhythm: 30' + 30 sec / play.

3. Valid for ELO Fide, Feda and Catalan. Registration: 15 euros. (see article 6 of this regulation to make the registration)

4. Open to players with a trusted license of less than 1600 elo Fide. Sub-12 will be considered to be born in 2007 and 2008, sub-10 to those born in 2009 and 2010 and sub-8 to those born in 2011 or later. Identity card will be required for age verification.

5. The prizes will be their value in chess or sports equipment or digital games: They are not acumulative.

1st ranked 150 euros + trophy.

2on 100 euros + trophy.

3er 75 euros + trophy.

4th 50 euros

5th 40 euros

Note: The prizes will be chosen by the children in the establishments that the organization provides, until covering the total value of the prize (in the 1st and 2nd prize, the value of an annual subscription to the magazine Peón de Rey will be discounted).

For sub-10 players:

1st classified Trophy

2nd Trophy

3rd Trophy

For sub-8 players:

1st classified Trophy

2nd Trophy

3rd Trophy

Best Girl Sub-12, Sub-10 and Sub-8: Trophy

Medals to all participants.

NOTE: For the rest of the bases the regulations of the International Open will be applied, but taking into account that the Child does not belong to the circuit.